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    Sounds of Rosanne Anselmo

A Natural born Musician

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Meet Rosanne Anselmo

Rosanne Anselmo has always loved music since a child.  Singing in concerts and being in plays.  Her musical journey has taken her in many different directions.  Rosanne is a topline writer, writing lyrics and melody and writes for briefs.  What you will hear is her very eclectic songwriting, she writes in many genres from pop to folk, faithbased, and country.  When asked she will tell you her heart is in folk writing.  Rosanne has written hundreds of songs and has collaborated with many musicians.  Her love for telling stories in her writings are her gift.  

Meet Rosanne

Rosanne Anselmo Musical Work

Merry Christmas
Rosanne Picture Guitar.jpg
Image by Kari Shea

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